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Emma Andersson has always been fascinated by storytelling and fairytales, even at the age of eight she knew for certain that she wanted to become a writer. 

A big and determined dreamer, Emma finished her first manuscript at nineteen and was convinced by her family and mentor to try her luck with a publisher. One year later, in September 2010, Emma's debut novel titled Där drömmar blir till (Where dreams are made), was released by the Swedish publishing house Opal. The sequel, Mardrömmar (Nightmares), followed in May 2013.

In April 2019 Storytel Original presents her first book for adults, a psychological thriller audio series called Demonmorden (The Demon Murders). Listen to it today with the Storytel App, or read the e-book!

Emma Andersson
Emma Andersson was born in 1990 and published her debut novel one year after her high school graduation. She has a University Masters Degree in Ethics, and is currently working as a writer. In her spare time she loves to read, especially English YA literature, watch a lot of TV series and good movies, and spend time with her family and friends.

Där drömmar blir till (Where dreams are made), young adult fiction, Opal 2010.
Mardrömmar (Nightmares), young adult fiction, Opal 2013.
Demonmorden (The Demon Murders), psychological thriller, Storytel Original 2019.

Där drömmar blir till (Where dreams are made)
Olivia was very close to her great grandmother Marie. A few years after Marie's death Olivia is given her golden heart, a necklace with a secret. But what Olivia does not know is that Marie during her whole life was the secret guardian of the heart, and that she has now left this responsibility with Olivia. The search for answers draws Olivia into a world woven of truth and dreams. Enderra - a world of fairytales, a world of nightmares. The people of Enderra and its prince need Olivia's help. But does she have the courage and will to come to their rescue?

Prepare yourself for a whole new world, filled with fast-paced action, romance and magical secrets. When you close the book you will already be longing for the sequel; Nightmares.

450 pages

Mardrömmar (Nightmares)
Half a year has passed since Olivia returned from Enderra. Johnny has disappeared and Olivia is waiting to get back to search for him. But when they meet again, everything is different. Simon Tara is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect himself from his enemy. The end is closing in. But will Olivia be ready to sacrifice everything to save a world within a dream?

Return to Enderra, the world of dreams, and reconnect with all the loving characters, the fast-paced action, romance and the magical secrets. Be prepared for the epic ending.

430 pages

Demonmorden (The Demon Murders)
Young journalist Alice Svensson lives with her parents and hopes to write the big story. At the same time she is tormented by nightmares. As a young child she witnessed the brutal murder of her sister's boyfriend, a crime her sister was convicted for. The case garnered a lot of medial attention and Alice's family had to leave their old lives behind to move on. But in her dreams Alice sees a different version than the one she told everyone about during the big trial.

Then a new murder occurs. A murder who shares a lot of similarities with the one Alice herself witnessed all those years ago. What truly happened that night? Is it happening again? Alice decides that it is time to find out.

The Demon Murders is a psychological thriller audio series that consists of ten hour-long episodes.

In case you want to get in touch with Emma Andersson regarding her books, please contact one of her publishing houses, Opal or Storytel.

Reader's comments
"This book is really really good, and I have not been able to put it down, even though it is 455 pages long. It is an amazing story about good and evil, and about love..." 

"Där drömmar blir till is the very young Emma Andersson's debut novel and I must say that I am very impressed."

"Magical and full of fantasy." 

"The story hides dark secrets, but it also proves that everything is possible if you do it right. In your dream you can be anything, but if you are dying the nightmare finds you. No one survives death; only in reality it can be defeated."

"This is one of the best fantasy books I have ever read!"

"[Emma Andersson] is one of few who has succeded with getting a book published at such a young age and it is definitely an amazing debut. I am not only astonished by the exiting story but by her detailed descriptive language."

"This young adult novel is well worth reading. Maybe even more than once. And I look forward to the sequel that the author has promised is on its way."

"When I first found this book in the book shop I was entranced by the cover and its appealing catch phrase 'Truly poor are only the one who has never dreamt.' I was blown away and completely lost myself in the world of dreams while reading Där drömmar blir till, and you who have not read this pearl has an amazing dream ahead of you. Emma Andersson is as far as I know, a rather unknown writer. But it wouldn't surprise me if she one day in the future will be among our most well known." 

"... a debut that impresses, especially through its bold examination of the boundary country of the mind as the path to the land of fairytales." 

"If you love fantasy, mysterious parallel worlds and magical abilities, this is an amazing story and also a thrilling debut." 

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